Not too high, not too low, as the monsoon does not have a lot of water

Left index fingernails were cleaned. Cleaned thoroughly. The bloody scissors threw him to the ground, pressing the severed finger into the right-hand grip and ran straight to Al Manik Chand. The bloodstream did not rise, and the tug of war was filled with blood, but it was not surprising, and the only thing he was forced to do was to lean slightly on Al, press his finger on his cheek, squeeze his teeth, squeak his teeth. By the way, I gave a cocky sound like a cock. It is likely that the wound or burning instead of an antiseptic is more painful than the actual wound or wound. He probably did. Although Ratan was suffering from pain in the hallway, he looked again looking at his back, bowed, twisted his lips like my duck’s lips, and began to blow hot air into his mouth. There seems to be something that gives him a comfortable feeling. Then open the towel and wrap it in the middle and pull it slightly with his teeth, then roll it again to rub the finger. The first time this was not properly understood, but the second time it was clearly heard, light echoes came out of his mouth, Minaka’s child from Minaka! Uh! Is her! The finger is gone, the finger is gone. If not less, he had to blow home last week, but he had to blow home four times. This is a surprising thing to remember. The law is this time. It also seems that the severed arm shook a bit. Blood stopped after rubbing the towel with a piece of shrapnel. The impression of shame was clear on his face. However, there is no error at all in this matter. It is a shame not to abuse him. Repent! Repent! T? The mistake was that it was just the same. It was initially overwhelmed by such a sudden crack in the rough. At that time, a small amount of blood was coming out of the isolated area, so the throat dries like hot water. Across the field, there is only one row of green rice growing overhead. The golden color drops it into an impossible delight. The sun on which he sat was just one side of the drainage. Along with fresh water, the stream was flowing down the river to the rice field at Nago Quaker Adhamra.

Half bake a little on one side while drying itself. Manik Chand was submerged in the transparent waters of the mouth. Oh! What a peace! You’re crooked in the dark. It was as if Kalijata had the utmost satisfaction. He remembered that half of the land was not weighed and left before dusk, and should be irrigated to the ground, otherwise the crop would not get much. Now, regardless of the money situation, the saloon machine water will be collected this year and on the front. No, it is known that Haru Kaka has made it clear that the rest of the earth will not be hydrated this time. There is only one way to keep the ground fresh, which is side B. Bucket full of water from the law, to spray some kind and what. You may get some peace of mind, but they will not be able to stop ground leakage or get good crops. Only in the last two seasons, although not wanting to do the same. He did not get any good soil for irrigation, but every time a lot of crops were collected from his chest, which has not happened from any other land until today. This is the fruit of the land a lot, tell him to land in the field in the land of Khani Come on! How many people a word, Jimmy gold skin conditions attached to the eye, it is not now possible forestry. 2Not too high, nor too low, because monsoon rains do not contain much water, and in the dry season, the soil is rather moist and moist. New live. At the same time, his care is limited to keeping weeds free only in the rainy season. Three crops are grown a year with ten spines equal to the squares. They barely began to bloom and their flowers begin to flourish. In recent weeks, the spread of rice in milk will spread like a pearl from a newly cultivated pupil. Poor granules, dried ponds, mesh piles, or maybe a carnivorous cow in the head without moving home, picking up rice and picking up rice and beech. After that, the dashes will not be found in the air until the pulp is removed from the air. Then rice will be sold in some markets. Manik Chand will keep it as a seed, make some seeds, cook some rice for a whole year, and donate it all year. Not true, he made his promise. Two seasons ago, he suddenly became ill that night, but now he does not remember how far it was. Now he was playing the flute.At this moment of trouble, I called God in my heart and promised that if my father was cured, he would take ten rice to the orphanage. I was crying! He put my hand on my shoulder from behind and said, “Father’s last life, life is over!” I looked up and tried to comfort me by wiping my eyes with a towel. Self’re in the poet kakabujhalama, did not accept the promises they made in praise of God  attribute vow to recover the shroud have to pay me habekintu how is it possible? There’s nowhere to eat rice! Having lost my father, I had to take responsibility for being the world’s teacher at such a young age.

Despite the reluctance, I had to close the life chapter on the floor of life. It’s almost. Crosses a good season, rice can be bred at home, we will not have any regrets. Wu, manatatao hayatabasaba be able to pay more, his mother came to the big city to see a doctor at least I do not want to make another morning shipment niscayakala mom. After my father left, while I was young this year, beef began to sing. I know I want to play the flute like my dad. The girl who collapses in a simple sadhaga should also listen to my bamboo bashi nishi wakea tune. Yes, Chevali, daughter of Haro Kakar, when I see you, the road ahead, my legs are broken. I feel ashamed, I feel ashamed of shame. Chevali, if you laugh madly you laugh at me, my forehead, alas! What if the sky and the sky are dry? In order to imagine everything, Manik Chand grew in the sun that fell on Al Zamir. When she woke up, the sun began to regain momentum. He’ll come down soon after. Votes are no longer heard. The sea water also dried up, almost no one was seen in the hands of scissors, and all over the earth only two evil boys were seen. Jay will return home to flirt with his cows. Manik Chand realized that weeds can no longer be done today. Only how was the stomach smashing his stomach. He had eaten a handful of wheat in the morning. What is a lot of food stored in the stomach? The pain is that it sounds like a little shake, but the pain is worse. She knows very well that the situation is so basic that it won’t be possible to come to the field at the end of the week. Moon Mania is moving.When she returned home in Twilight, she had a high fever, suddenly when she started burning. When Manic Chand returned to his senses, enjoying the soft breeze of dawn, his mother had just stopped. Better not to take, why are you awake at night? Rest now a little, I’m fine, I’ll be fine soon. The thing he did shortly after last night, and repeatedly tried to calm down with a poultice of water. The last thing to do all night is to keep making mistakes well. Took him under the thought, which houses the storm broke, sideways cloud I just saw his Buran shake! The forehead as a back up in shock and said …! Allah! Tell me that the fever has risen enough, Manik gold mine, oh …! Manik Chand doesn’t want to put anxiety in fear and fear. It turned out that he had to give up hope. Finally, after all of a sudden, the fever began to slowly recede. Ito legeichila, recovering from orabichena not rise again in the hands of scissors hat came running down the field, only the earth-rich panekarana his mind! Never heard anything prohibiting any restrictions.Walking a half mile straight along the east side of the village, a few meters from the road, on the banks of Kajla Beel, the ten fort territory of Manik Chand. On the other hand, there is only a small cedar tree and the cedar air falling on the chest is impossible as the rice sticks to ground milk. This day has become very strong. If you want it in green, the chest is full of complete satisfaction. The atmosphere of happiness is related to the baju joints. Or who knows what the problem of loss of land? Surrounds the Earth. With such an intermediate hand, which has become a commodity, a good landing can now take care of himself. Suddenly remember to lose his land. He walked, walked on the road, across some land, across the machine of Harrow Quaker salons, stood on the bank of a large canal, searched for a moment of shock and surprise, and shouted what looked like a moon mania.

I see, is this earth my land? The main responsibility for grazing rice, weeding and removing insects from insects, made the house as it is. Mild like rotten grass, all the big cracks on his chest so that the river does not fill up even if he gives water. Only half dead, some yellow, some faded, can easily recognize this area of the earth. Manik Chand sat after Al. He heard from afar, who used to say, “Give the water to the weeds with water, to worry, and again to your rice field. The grass of the ground rose in the bush and I was attributed to Haro Munshi.” At that moment, he turned away. “You no longer have to show kindness,” he said gently. Read the rumors on your salo. Moon manic fell to the ground with scissors in his head, feeling very depressed. He had some trouble at first, and felt a little uncomfortable with his severed hand, and as soon as the duo moved, the hand began to open again. Manik Chand began removing the angel of death from the earth’s trunk by cutting other grasses with grass. The person who started to squeeze and close somehow came back to his mind immediately after pressing some pie. In the old days, the misery of the earth, and even the plight of the earth had been forgotten by everyone. Half the ground was cleared of weeds without digging them. the moon. With the release of rice, the rice began to rise again and again, and the body was filled with great relief. Moaning continued. Suddenly someone stood in loud laughter, the sharp movement of the scissors. She stood with a warm wet and wet body. There was no other way. Because she and laughter are not nobody, she is Chevali! She only saw the last laugh she was laughing at. Someone heard, “Where is Manik Chand, Babjan called Tomari, Khibani Jo, butt solder with a knife?” He heard the sound of the hoof. Shivali shouted and said, “Babacan is not eating an old job in your caton, he shocked him by deleting him, and he felt bad. Then he laughed again, and Nupur boycotted his feet. After leaving the cam, Manik Chand said, “Why are you so scared to see him? What is this fear? Looking away from the scissors, standing, and looking up, saying that the sun had fallen, his work was still going on, and the stitches were now taken, so he came back on the grass, and removed the cake after the pie. The moon did not stop back and decided to run the scissors, was arranging water from the bill after removing the weeds. Without sowing water, tree spraying can only be saved. He will do the work today. If he comes down at night, nothing will hurt him. In other ways though, he is a ruthless jerk like Haru Mansi.

Manik Chand was unable to shake the last pie amidst all the ideas. He was full of joy in his mind. After seeing a stumbling block of grass on the grass, how do you feel now? Hana! How are you feeling now? He began to open a towel with a face soaked in sweat, remove the soaked mouth of sweat, cut the towel again. However, Kajla’s shoulder smell was rotten in the nose.The next morning, he woke up early and pressed fertilizer on his head and left his mother in the field. Take a few sticks of dried bamboo. He would have made the bird sit with them. There is no other way to kill an insect. Think of two wits to suppress. When the irrigation work was completed, he decided to use only two wits, to push the cochlea. Collect some frogs and leave them on the ground, because the insect will help a little by eating a spider. In particular, rotate the insect by rubbing the infected leaves in the field. However, since koanchi was buried at a certain distance, they sprayed fertilizer and gave them irrigation. The husband came to the fin and took one of the oysters. The insect competition came like a mule. Manik came on the moon. When the irrigation work was completed, he also applied the second and third wisdom. Irrigation work began to change regularly. Within a few days, the movement of ten thorny lands changed. Village farmers wished a surprise. The rugged cedar tree, above all, stand upside down. The load of rice sticks filled with bullets is as if the tree is falling. Good rice was not produced any other day, but it looked like it was days ago, it was not possible to get some bai hai and some sticky rice. Manik Chand became an eye blower with a raw pungent odor. He may soon be able to run the scissors.

His new life has become very important for this ten-story land. If he does not move, because the rice from the ground will survive, he will go to the city for treatment with his mother. Day after day, the mother’s condition is also experiencing a severe crisis. Manik Chand returned home after Meroe last time. After the beginning of the rice season, there was a shortage of rice to harvest rice. Two of the four, available, demand more than the price. This great harm! What a trap to kick on the stomach of the poor? Destroy the poor by the poor! This dishonesty is unacceptable, so the farmers across the country are forced to any kind of weed. Manik Chand and those religions do not borrow money, he will reap his land, he owns that land only. It can easily complete all tasks. Suddenly, the whole country was like how the country was upgraded. Everyone became aware of the rights. Aaron Munshi, a great uncle, Noro Master, Ngo Madi, all went to save the peasants in the movement. Manik Chand could not go anywhere despite his bad desire. Just because of her mother’s illness. As the days passed, her mother’s condition became more and more disturbing. Although the rice field is still a bit raw, it was decided that it would be ready tomorrow. Semayera treatment fund only accelerates ten Kamha earth. On the one hand, anxiety for the mother, on the other hand, distracted mind to spend a new rice, was not allowed to sleep in the heart of the night all night. Before dawn, Manik Chand left with scissors in the field. The pie will start from the side, with some shaking fist. Some days, under the sun, how will he accept the way to raise the house, or carry the burden on his head, or the canal? Rora want to borrow the car to think of ideas to think Manha Chand Chand sehajarata reached the ground. For a moment he seemed to have misplaced the path, and after a moment, he seemed to have blown his eyes and wondered if I had reached the right place. He is … and … there are … ten thorns from the land planted with rice! Why do you look like smoke? Why can’t you see the golden yellow rice spread? That … that … then what …? The only thing that came to the eye with grim bivisika is smoke, like a black cloud, and the smell of boiled rice, which burned in the heat. The flame-lit limestone flame is spread all over the earth. On cow crates, farmers set fire to the aromatic mango ripe of dreams that did not get a fair price of rice, carefully nurtured. Manik Chand sat on the ground burned with astonishment. Now he does not believe. Suddenly, on the rough road, someone was spotted running away from the room. Kuasa pierced closer and closer, recognizing it clearly, Chevalier! There was no smirking, no fuss smirking, no fuss. Cut today. Such disappointment and anxiety the face of a teenager has erupted in the face of a teenager. Come to Iggy, how do Kakima …

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