When he was married to Latifudi, he was thirty years ago

Beautiful Banu sits in the pond near Shan Bandhan. You probably calculated the lack of life. Today is his happy day. There is no lack of wealth or value. People like to remember sadness when they are happy. A Tao is one such luxury. Its name is grief and well-being. Beautiful sons sit on the sidewalk and sad. When he was married to Latifudi – he was thirty years old – he was young at the time. The husband’s lack of family. Latitude is a quotient to arrange two rice fields. Year fee, a new face is added to the world. They have seven girls each. Girl’s face! One of the boy’s favorite hobbies was Latifeddine. Hoping a boy, seven girls give birth. Having given birth to number seven, Latifa Lutfi is fully convinced that her bride’s son is unable to have children. Latitude decides that he will remarry to fulfill his son’s wishes. Pretty Banu doesn’t know much about reading and writing. However, do not compare his intelligence. His telepathy is very good. He can speak the mind by reading the language of human eyes. The inhabitants of the 10 surrounding villages know that Jamila Baniu has divine power.

The person who lives on his neck is Quakaf, Jinan City. He is loyal to the beautiful Banu. When Jamila Bani Ajar lit the lamp, she was cleared and asked her to have a seat on the floor. Gamila Banu is no longer the bride of Latif al-Din, who has become an “equal mother” authorized for the Musan of Assan. Every day, many people come to the “mother” with their own problems. Mothers give way to their hard seats in the glory of divine power. The masses return to a sense of happiness. When they returned home, they complained to their mother about ten. Thus, the beautiful reputation of Pano spread today widely. Wealth support is growing day by day with mother devotees. Latifuddin is the richest man in ten villages today. Around him is wisdom. His seven daughters were married in a large house. All of them are beautiful sons of Murad. They somehow took the girls ‘mother’ to his wife. There were many candidates. But in an intellectual sense, Jamila Bano married women from the richest and largest family. Some devotees returned to hapatis because beautiful Banu had no other daughter. There are four young children. Interested are so interested that if they can, the “mother” is falling with young boys. Since the Latifudi family was one after another, there was no end to the torture of Jamila Bano. After the birth of the seventh daughter, she rose. Latif beat him for no reason. The situation is that Jamila Bano sometimes considers suicide if she cannot bear the persecution of her husband. But if not, it is better to be cute. No one can stop her from getting married. And stepmother won’t have a place for girls. Their place would be a waste in a table. Thus, despite hundreds of persecutions, she tries to keep her husband’s family close. Even so, Latifi’s torture is increasing day by day. Hand in hand in words. No word about abuse was left. One day she was killed and fell in the street at night. Beautiful Banu can’t forget that night. Darkness is about darkness. Latif’s second marriage took a hit. If you can chase updates in any way, clear his way. Kill Jamila Banu and drive her out of the house. The night is deep. Where will he go with a sick body in the dark night! Beautiful Banu reaches the river and walks in the dark. The river shimmers in thick black darkness. That way, once you get the jump, you can get rid of all the world’s problems. Anyone can survive a lot of persecution in one’s life! time is running out. Jamila sat on the bank of the Bannu River and spoke in her mind about her suicide. It is as if it enlightens the mind. But no matter how heavy the logic is, his mind does not allow him to do this work. Every time he went to jump into the river, he failed and came back. In the dark, this game lasts for a long time. He walks on the river bank, staring at the darkness.

He seems to have seven innocent eyes staring at him. In any life, it will be suicide! Awesome night of Bumu Gomela fighting with himself spent on the river. Once he discovers himself at dawn, his voice rises with fear. This place is named on the bank of the river Muchiwita. There’s a big cotton tree there. There are people living in this cotton tree. In this abandoned place, people are afraid to come during the day. On New Moon Night, the night spread to the terrifying village of Moshevita for a cute young wife. With this, people have a lot of funny stories in their mouths. Everyone admits that the young Latifuddin has become obsessed with Buda. Otherwise, anyone can spend the night in such a terrible place! People come to a nice religion house in groups. They want to hear the facts from the beautiful mouth of Banu.Starting from that. Since that night, Lutfidi’s family touched Lakshmi. The power of the beautiful divine sons spread everywhere. The son of Jamil Banu, who worked as a goldsmith, gave birth to a son. When a son is born after the seven daughters of divine power, there is no doubt about his power. Then he had three other sons. This makes the faith of devotees stronger. The idea is that then, all children will be boys. So now willingly forgive! Beautiful Banu dating back to the invitation ring. Mom, it’s time to sit in the seat. Fans have come from far and wide. As soon as I have to visit the mother, “go and arrange, I’m coming,” said Kimim to the beautiful Banu. Jamila Bani doesn’t want to sit in the seat lately. I came to the pond and sat there, avoiding the noise. No one disturbs him here unless the need arises. He often wondered who would bestow the divine power in him! Who will be his successor! If he can replace someone, Huff stays. They no longer like. This will not happen with her husband Latifudi. Fat wit. Moreover, the character of gentle religion is not good. She has a special vulnerability for female prisoners. Beautiful Banu knows everything about her and stays quiet. Don’t think of any girls. Everyone is busy with family. They were also married in large houses. It will not be possible for them to continue their work. However, his floor girl is as clever as Gnubati. In the absence of the mother, she can handle everything. The name of the word girl is a curator. Amina has been married for a few years. However, there is a major obstacle in the way of receiving divine authority. Amina has no children.

No one accepts that an arid woman has divine power. So first you have to cut infertility. Then as a beautiful daughter, Panu will be able to continue all that. Jamila Bano is now thinking about how to eliminate infertility in Amina. One has to find a way. Jamila Bennou speaks with Amina through the door of the room under everyone’s eyes. Amina’s mother found no reason for such behavior. What could be the secret that the mother tells her with caution? The voice of the beautiful sons did not believe that Amina will respond. Can the mother give her daughter this advice? He ashamed wants to run away from his house! Amina says, “Mother Aida, what are you doing? How is this possible?” Possible Ray Ma, anything is possible! Aida is not my decision, “Tenar” decision. No one has any hands in it. Beautiful Banu trying to convince her daughter. He refers to the divine power of his neck when talking about Tanar. She believes that Amin’s child is not because of her husband. Amina’s husband does not have the ability to have children. From her own experience, realizing that blaming a woman for not having a child is futile! We have seen that when the gardener changes, many infertility trees also bloom! I want to have a child in Amina’s belly to preserve her empire. Whatever the cost. Her beautiful Banu with a wonderful voice. What I’m saying is that you’ll do it. It shouldn’t happen. Today is the new moon night. Your wives are waiting for you in room O. Here you go! I think this is divine. There’s no sin in it! Amina’s ear whispered as she listened to her mother. He’s standing silent. Jamila Bano told Jhajj, “Listen to one thing, I do a lot for you.” Now if you don’t obey me, you’ll see my dead face. “Moreover, I can not break the trust of your magma.” Jamila Bano took a deep breath, looked at the girl. Mother rays are a cycle of faith and distrust. Does someone break trust here and some faith What harms if one is forced to break his faith to keep the faith of thousands? In addition, don’t you spend your entire life being sterile? “In a way, her mother is right. What is wrong if a person can continue faith by breaking one’s faith? Moreover, a woman’s interest is in the sense of being a” mother “so that he screams to hear” what “, but it will not be She can do a lot of sins for anything that can’t kill her husband’s faith. Neither I nor my divine power, fame, fame, or money, he ended his life playing in my faith and disbelief. NH will never allow the life of his daughter. I was happy to see the girl’s personal toughness. Suddenly, it was full of another kind of love. The boy who sacrificed in the unlucky night thirty years ago.

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