University authorities responsible for Abara’s murder: Teachers Association

BUET student Abrar Fahad Gabbana held a funeral in front of a statue of Raju at Dhaka University. Six hundred and seven hundred students from various educational institutions, including the University of Dhaka, participated in the funeral held at 12 noon on Tuesday. Later, students marched with the symbolic body in Abrar. The march started at the Dhaka University Student Center (TSC) and ended on Fuller Road and BUET and again from TSB to Shahbag. Neurol Haq, vice president of the Central Student Union of Dhaka University (VP), made a short speech at the time. He called for a special court and a judicial investigation into the trial of Abrar’s murder. He demanded the resignation of the dean of the Sher Bangla Hall in Puti. VP Nurul also called for an anti-terrorism movement in all educational institutions in the country. He also demanded the allocation of seats in the halls of the university and the closure of the public room, “culture” guest room.

Later in yesterday’s announcement, the black flag march was placed in front of the statue of Raju at 12 noon on Wednesday. Abrar Fahad was a sophomore in the Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department. A group of activists at BUET Chhatra League killed the knight in Sher-e-Bangla Hall on Sunday evening. On Tuesday, DB sent remand in custody to the Dhaka Metropolitan Court Judge Court. Additional Deputy Commissioner DB South Khandaker Rabiul Arafat Lenin confirmed the incident. Three suspects were arrested in the case, Khandaker Rabi ‘Arafat Lenin said. The operation is underway to catch the rest. The police were able to confirm the location of each of them. After Dahr police arrested the assassination of the leader of the Association of Chatra Annik Sarkar and Mufti al-Islam and Mufti Musharraf and the Secretary of the Organization of Chatra University Mahdi Mehdi Hassan named Robin and editor of the book and publishing Ishtiaq Ahmed Alice Mona and the magazine Shatra Almnkhar and Mukhtar Mukhtar. merciful. Last Sunday at 3 pm from the ground floor at the Cher Bangla Hall in BUET. Grew up in the middle of the stairs, police retrieved the body from Abrarrera. He reported that some leaders of the student wing of the university branch were beaten by Abrar in room 28 that night. An autopsy doctor said several injuries had been found in his body. Abrar was a sophomore (5th installment) from BUET. His father, Barakatullah, filed a case at Shukkub police station in Dhaka last night. Eight people were arrested in the case, a deputy commissioner for al-Muntasir al-Islam said. Today, DBA filed a request to re-imprison the three people. In the past, university authorities have been inactive in determining the ideal punishment for rape and cruelty to students. This has led to a deterioration of law and order. This has led to brutal incidents such as the killing of Abrar Fahd, which the university authorities cannot avoid. The statement was made by teachers of the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) regarding the killing of Abra. A statement from the BUET Teachers Association said on Tuesday that the Executive Board of the BUET Teachers Association strongly condemned and outraged the brutal killing of Aabar, a student in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Room 5 of Cher Bangla Lounge. BUET said in a statement that it would not be acceptable for a student to be tortured and dying if he was a resident of the university. It is the responsibility of the university authorities to ensure the safety of the academic buildings and residential halls of the university. The killing of Abrar proved that the university authorities had completely failed to ensure the safety of students. The BUET Teachers Association called on university authorities and the highest levels of government to arrange maximum punishment through trial, identifying all those involved in Abra’s death.

In addition, teachers demanded that university authorities take effective measures to ensure the safety of the entire university. AKM Masud, president of the Teachers’ Association on the Butei campus, said: “We agree with the student movement. It makes sense there is a meeting of the Teachers Association tomorrow morning on the cross-cutting issue. In the second year (fifth installment) of the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering in BUET, he lived in the first room at the bottom of the Bangal Cher Hall in BUET. Abrar was beaten last Sunday night by a group of BUET Chatra activists, and police arrested three activists BCL yesterday regarding pal The students gathered at the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) Tuesday morning to protest the killing of student Abra Fahd, as well as seven university students from Dhaka University. The procession was from Martyr Manar and they moved to Balashi bypassing Martyr Manar, passing through the center of Martyr Manar, and now residing on the BUET campus. From there they arrived at Palashi with a symbolic coffin. Their convoy called for the trial of Abara’s murder and the slogan of the anti-national agreement with India. Sometimes, you’ll hit a bus that sometimes gets hit when you’re at your university. We have developed this Bangladesh for Abrar. Here in the morning, we have to hear the news of these early deaths. No one has known him to beat him, and we will not be upset after hearing this, and we have to know the reason for the killing and whether there are sufficient relevant reasons. One can’t even cry without knowing how much “camping” he wrote on Facebook for the country in question.

We need to access her Facebook site and see how “anti-state” she said. Only then do we think they have no right to speak a little about the country in which they live. What happens to a country when a university student is killed? At first, remember the words of his mother. We remember the great war in this country, which went a long way to send a child to university. A boy who came to the best university in the country, how much he had to do the war and that war is over, so do not stop thinking? But that’s not all. The mother just wonders, how painful the boy has died, the body made of pressure in his hand, how much, how long have they killed blood? Abara repeatedly called her mother? What does the water want to eat? Maybe just remember how much the mother’s chest was smashed in the face of a little judgment. Maybe just remember that the boy sent his son to sleep during the holidays because of tests. Abrar has one brother. Will the mother now shake her head at the door of the government, saying, at least another boy alive, does not need any further education, just must live, and stay with his mother? Isn’t that what Abner’s father cried? The rest of the family will somehow keep the memory of the boy. But Bangladesh has to sit next to this corpse. What kind of repression is taking place in every corner of this country under the guise of power? The authority of the university goes on every day. Twenty years ago at Jahangirnagar University, the leaders of the student body of a government party committed a century of rape. Day after day their movements were only abolished by the movement, and the country’s general law did nothing for them.

When the previous Sony day was killed, BUET was still awake. We see what happens in these killings under the guise of force. If Abrar’s parents say they want justice for their son’s death, they will have to fight him again just as they did to make the 22-year-old boy. We do not know, if the government allows the expulsion of one of his sons from the university because of this killing, is this much? Haven’t seen it in ages? Seeing the country sinks when the defeated generation imposes responsibility on the shoulders of the next generation, in a way that can reform the country. As the road moved, we winked and said, “They went to reform the country, we no longer have any worries.” Are only a few unqualified generations of mud hills that have formed throughout the ages. They have been beaten to death, and the country is going worse than ever. We are the only ones who hang banners protesting the rape of children. Since we brought you to this country, what to do if it is barren land now? After taking their own education, which faces thousands of torture of the student government organization, they should talk about the country’s foreign policy after all suffered the persecution of government-appointed VC monsters. They know that the decision of this country is merely a ranking for those who decide. To stay in bed, you must give all the rivers, forests and gas to the great neighbor. In order to strengthen the rank, the university must employ a spineless VC serving the government. Without interest themselves and your students who do not see anything else. A student at VCU at But did not rush there after hearing the news of the murder. Abara died and put him in danger. We are thinking about this Bangladeshi, who is holding our children in the box, not needing education, we just live.

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