An uncle raised the hand of Joynal, NID used to register at home

Gueinal Abdeen, who became a billionaire by faking a National Identity Card (NID) on a missing laptop at the election office, grabbed his uncle. The case is Mohamed Zakaria, former Acting Secretary of the Election Commission Secretariat.

Joynal and at least ten other relatives in various offices of the European Commission were appointed in the hands of Zacharias. Both Geneal and Zacharias in Banchali. My son-in-law, Noor Ahmad, told Nur al-Nur I “Muhammad Zakaria became my wife’s uncle.” In addition, Joynal’s cousin, Mozaffar Cox, works in the election office. Another relative of Guinal, Muhammad Ali Ranjamati and Ali’s nephew, Osman Ghani, served on the Dhaka Electoral Commission.

Nour Ahmed, the sister-in-law of Guinal, Nour Ahmed, said they took Zakaria’s hand and entered the job. Mohamed Zakaria cannot be contacted to find out. A woman from the other end of the phone said she could not talk now. The deputy director of the Anti-Corruption Commission said Joyinal used his relatives as a fake race in Rohingya. Sherif Eldin. Zakaria introduced the OSD during the 21st caretaker government. In the initial interrogation of the fake NID registration police at home, Genal said they used to make NID while sitting at the Diwan Bazaar house using the lost EC laptop.

He told the police that NID could have been done at a cost of Rs. The election commission’s investigation team first arrested Guinal on Monday. At this time a fingerprint device was found in his pocket. The investigating officer could not confirm whether the device was commissioned or collected from the market. Investigation Officer ACC. Sharifuddin said that Joynal and his associates used to record fake NID numbers at Diwan Bazaar’s home using laptops and these devices. Joyal confessed to the police at the initial interrogation.

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